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Clean hydration powder and electrolytes without the sugar, carbs, and calories. Naturally sweetened electrolyte powder with organic stevia leaf and infused with real fruit flavor extracts that will truly quench your thirst.

Incredibly delicious and nutritious, providing the 6 key electrolytes and minerals your body needs whether you’re working out or hanging out. Drinking electrolyte powder packets provides enhanced hydration compared to plain water and helps your body function at its best.

Our Pink Lemonade electrolyte drink is the perfect thirst-quenching refresher after a tough workout or while relishing a warm summer day. It provides a bit of nostalgia from your childhood days with perfectly balanced sweet and tart flavors.

Available in single-serving Stickpacks or 30- and 90-serving canisters.. Dissolve 1 scoop of Pink Lemonade Ultima Electrolyte drink mix or 1 Stickpack in 16 fl oz. of water.

Click here for a cleaner margarita recipe:

Ultima Electrolyte Mix Pink Lemonade

$44.99 Regular Price
$42.00Sale Price
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