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I carry a select few products-

which can be hard to find.

The stock is always changing as I find new things that will help you keep your health.

100% satisfaction policy 

I can't prescribe anything, but can certainly give you ideas and order in anything you'd like.

My focus is on cutting edge products- 

not just your everyday vitamins.

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Healthy Gut Tributyrin-X 


   Just Thrive Probiotics

Full Spectrum Sauna

Intuitive Massage Therapy

                                          Nutri Dyn

Jigsaw Magnesium
  Natracare Feminine Products                

K-27 Apollo Neuro

                                       MCT oil​​

How to Purchase

You can purchase online and pick up at my studio

(Missoula or Gardiner only)

 Or I can ship to you anywhere in the US.

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