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My Story

I was originally trained in midwifery and my mentor suggested that I go to massage school to "add another tool to my bag". So, I went and didn't think much of it, until a few years later when, a friend asked me to open up a massage practice in a tiny room at the back of her bookstore in Gardiner, Montana.

It was then that my midwifery skills (intuition, safe, healthy touch, and comfort with the human body) melded beautifully with my desire to help people feel better. I was hooked and built a solid massage therapy practice by word of mouth over the next 12 years.

I moved my practice to Missoula in 2014. 

Since 2020, I have been diving deep into the murky waters of perimenopause and menopause hormone replacement. I have emerged with the belief that hormone replacement is a right - not a privilege. Just like I advocated and provided for women's right to give birth with full autonomy, I now am a voice for women to become informed about their hormones so that they can advocate for themselves and -GASP- even adjust their bioidentical hormone doses for themselves. Education gives people power over their own healthcare. I have been giving talks educating women about hormones, breaking them down to their simplest form, and offer private consultations. I like walking next to women through transition and am now doing it as the menopause midwife



1994- current: Midwifery 

1996 Licensed Massage Therapy

2024 GGS Menopause Hormone Certification

2024 Quicksilver Scientific Hormone Specialist Certification - Practitioner


My Approach

My style is tough to explain...I have honed it over the last 18 years. I was trained in traditional Swedish style @ Mueller School of Massage in San Diego, CA in 1996.

My style today is still informed by the consistent, comfortable touch that I learned in school but with an emphasis on getting things fixed. I specialize in upper body treatment, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, etc. 

I use very specific treatments to address tension in all areas, but my neck and arm work are very detailed.

I like to get people on maintenance as soon as possible - most of my regulars come quarterly for tune ups once we get the main issues addressed. 

I work as deeply as the body, mind, and energy will allow.

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