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massage, red light therapy, full spectrum infrared sauna, hormone consultations, BHRT, more...
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About Me

Hi, I'm Missy. My focus is on helping you and your family to feel Optimal!

Come in for body work that will change your mind about massage or come on over for a full spectrum infrared sauna treatment.

Book a consultation with me to chat about hormones and menopause! I carry bio-identical hormones and can help walk along side you as your body shifts.

I also have a great offering of "harder to find" supplements for you to pick up and try right away!

Give me a text, email, or call to get started.

Be well! 


Missy, The Menopause Midwife

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Heading 1


30 minutes sessions $40

60 minute sessions $80

Hormone Consultations 

Book a Hormone IQ Talk


  • Just Thrive 

  • BPC-157 (peptides & bioregulators)

  • Jigsaw Magnesium

  • Perfect Aminos

  • Flora - liquid herbal iron

  • Quicksilver Scientific

  • LMNT (get salty!)

  • Wellnesse

  • Methylene Blue

  • Bioptimizers

  • Healthy Gut

  • Holistic Toothcare


Cutting edge FULL SPECTRUM Infrared Sauna

Light and Heat therapy.

There are mountains of data on the benefits of full spectrum light therapy: joint health, pain reduction, skin & hair health, and mitochondrial function improvement.

Frozen Field


Missy is a gifted healer - much more than just a traditional massage therapist. She has a very intuitive way of knowing what hurts and needs attention - often before I even know it! 

Charissa Reid

Missy is so much more than a massage therapist. I first came to her after a car accident. She walked me through months of fits and starts, setbacks and progress, once even making a house call when my injury was reactivated and I couldn't get out of bed. She has been integral in my recovery and has proven herself a true healer in my life in many ways. Missy continues to guide me through recovery of my body but the work we do together heals my spirit as well. Anyone fortunate enough to be tended to by Missy, should consider themselves incredibly lucky. She is a special light in this world!


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