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Looking for D-Mannose?

UT123 has all of the d-mannose components, not just d-manosse, that's why it's not on the ingredient is the supercharged version of urinary tract care, read on or copy the link for more detailed info: Q&A UT123_kd_cc 010721.pdf 

For Internal Use Only / *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Q: How is UT123 different from other urinary products?


SUPERIOR WHOLE-FOOD PACran®: UT123 does NOT contain the typically used, but less effective, cranberry isolates called proanthocyanidins (PACs) which need be taken twice a day to maintain peak activity. Instead, it uses PACran cranberry matrix (juice, flesh, skin, seeds containing natural PAC bioactives). This whole-food compound has been proven to outlast the fractionated PAC version (10hr peak) by more than double (24hr peak).

PROVEN ELLIROSETM Hibiscus extract: Known for millennia by traditional cultures across Asia and Africa for its safe microbial function, ELLIROSE’s patent pending form used in human clinical trials worked very quickly – within 24 hours – to provide significant relief.

POTENT NIGELLINTM Black Seed extract: Known traditionally for a vast array of health benefits, Black Cumin Seed oil is rich in thymoquinone which has powerful immune supporting and antioxidant effects. A patent pending extract with 2.4% thymoquinone activity, NIGELLIN has been shown to be at least 3x more potent than any other Black Seed extract in the market.

  • MOST COMPREHENSIVE: You want 24-hr protection from the beginning, middle and end of your day, so UT123’s unique ingredients target both immediate and long-term relief. While ELLIROSE and NIGELLIN bring swift, powerful benefit, PACran’s activity peaks at about 24 hours and every dose builds on the previous day for long-lasting security and support.

  • CONVENIENT: Recommended maintenance dose is only once a day (not twice).

  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Being broad-based, powerful, long-lasting and only $29.99


  • Q: Can UT123 just be taken as needed? Yes, but...

    You will miss the most important benefit of how this product is designed. A single, maintenance dose taken every day is designed to prevent flare-ups in the future.

    Time of day does not matter, but daily consistency is recommended to help you stay in control!


Q: What other Just Thrive products can be taken with UT123 to promote ideal urinary health?

1. Spore-based Probiotic & Antioxidant:

Having harmful microbes in the intestines

may put us at risk for urinary infections (1) which is why Just Thrive always recommends cleaning and balancing the intestinal environment with live spore bacillus strains in addition to supplementing with urinary support.

These beneficial, missing strains have been shown in a Leaky Gut clinical study to dramatically reduce toxins associated with harmful gut bacteria in just 30 days. (2)

Furthermore, these foundationally important, gut-cleaning bacteria have been sterilized out of our food by industrial processing methods. Re-introducing them is critical because a robust immune response is not possible without a healthy, balanced gut microbiome.

2. Ultimate IgG: By neutralizing and detoxifying both live pathogens in the gut and the toxic byproducts they leave behind, Ultimate IgG frees up our immune system to function more efficiently.

(1) Gut uropathogen abundance is a risk factor for development of bacteriuria and urinary tract infection 13467-w

(2) Leaky Gut Study


Just Thrive UT123

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