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this is the BEST enzyme I have ever tried and I hope you love it as much as I do! Give it a full 2 weeks before you judge it, but it is truly life changing!



  • Fully digest foods to prevent gassy buildups
  • Tolerate more foods and fewer reactions when eating out
  • Flatten belly bloat and feel the lightness in your gut
  • Absorb more nutrients to help Energy and Immune health
  • Feel the Difference with our dual-strain activation technology
  • Non-Gmo, Vegan, Fulvic & Humic Minerals, 6 Human Studies


Activ-Blend™ – 4x concentrated, dual hybrid enzyme strains, designed to work from ph 1.7 to ph 11.0 in the body.

Activ-Blend™ Protease – pancreatic enzyme breaks proteins down

Activ-Blend™ Amylase – pancreatic enzyme breaks carbohydrates down

Activ-Blend™ Lipase – pancreatic enzyme breaks fats down

Activ-Blend™ Lactase – brush border enzyme breaks lactose sugar down

Activ-Blend™ Cellulase – a group of cellulose and fiber breakdown enzymes

Activ-Blend™ Sucrase – brush border enzyme breaks sucrose sugars like cane sugar down into glucose and fructose

Activ-Blend™ Maltase – brush border enzyme breaks maltose sugars down to glucose

Activ-Blend™ Alpha-Galactosidase – brush border enzyme breaks down fibers in legumes and vegetables

Activ-Blend™ Xylanase – brush border enzyme helps to break apart carbohydrates, polyphenols, and salicylates

Activ-Blend™ Phytase – brush border enzyme breaks down phytic acid helping with nuts and seeds


For best practices, please follow the ideas below:


  • Regular: 2 per meal 3x per day
  • Anti-Aging: 2 per meal 3x per day, 2 before bed
  • Banged up: 4 per meal 3x per day, 4 before bed
  • Flare up: 6 per meal 3x per day, 6 before bed

Healthy Gut Holozyme

$74.99 Regular Price
$72.00Sale Price
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