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BooBoo-Lytes: a pain-relieving electrolyte misting spray for minor cuts, abrasions, burns and bug bites. Just spray it on!

The fulvic complexes absorbs directly through the skin, recharging the electrical system in the area and bringing minerals to support healing. The proprietary blend of 100% pure therapeutic grade Lavender & Scotch Pine Essential Oil provides quick pain and itching relief, as well as having a calming effect.

BooBoo-Lytes - For All of Life's BooBoos!


Happy-Lytes™: is an electrolyte rejuvenating misting spray with the added bonus of 100% pure therapeutic grade Bergamot Essential Oil.  The Electrolytes, when breathed in, give the body a boost, while the Bergamot provides a natural mood boost!  

Beam Minerals Boo Boo & Happy Lytes

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